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All Time Favorite Christmas Cookies

Thumbnail All Time Favorite Christmas Cookies

There's nothing like to smell of freshly baked cookies to get you in the mood for the holidays. Something about the way the scent fills your...

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Vegetarian Recipe Book

Thumbnail Vegetarian Recipe Book

Healthful Vegetarian Recipes For The Most Discriminating Tastes. This Recipe Book Contains over 1,000 Delicious Vegetarian Recipes! From Apple Dumplings to Yorkshire Pudding, Vegetarian Recipe Book...

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600 Recipes For Chili Lovers

Thumbnail 600 Recipes For Chili Lovers

Are you a chili lover? If you are, then you are going to love 600 Recipes For Chili Lovers! Inside you'll find every imaginable version of...

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Pumpkin Pies & More

Thumbnail Pumpkin Pies & More

Enjoy The Flavor Of The Holidays With A Delicious Homemade Pumpkin Pie, Cake, Dessert, Or Even A Lucious Pumpkin Cheesecake! If There's One Dessert That Is...

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Great Gifts In A Jar

Thumbnail Great Gifts In A Jar

Your family and friends will be delighted with these thoughtful gifts straight from your own kitchen. With this unique ebook you will have over 200 recipes...

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Salsa Recipes - With Master Resale Rights

Thumbnail Salsa Recipes - With Master Resale Rights

"Get salsa recipes for every occasion and every palate. You get almost 200 salsa recipes for your every imaginable combination of ingredients. There's sure be something...

3.99 USD

470 Crock Pot Recipes

Thumbnail 470 Crock Pot Recipes

"Crock Pot Recipes For Every Taste" I know that a lot of you have at least one of these efficient and time saving appliances hidden away somewhere...

4.99 USD

250 Slow Cooker Recipes

Thumbnail 250  Slow Cooker Recipes

Easy to make recipes from simple ingredients that your entire family will love. Place ingredients in the slow cooker before you leave for work and dinner...

4.99 USD

111 Egg Recipes

Thumbnail 111 EGG Recipes

111 EGG RECIPES Everything you need to know about cooking eggs! EGGS MAKE THE MEAL! Which came 1st the Egg or the Chicken?? EGG-xactly! Love Eggs? But,...

3.99 USD

Delicious Cajun Recipes

Thumbnail Delicious Cajun Recipes

141 Delicious Mouth Watering Cajun Recipes "With Delicous Cajun Recipes You Get All Your Favorite Cajun And Creole Recipes, If You Like Hot And Spicy Food Than...

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65 Tried And True Amish Recipes

Thumbnail 65 tried and true amish recipes

Amish cooking has become ingrained into traditional American cooking. Chances are, growing up your grandmother or your mother prepared a dish or two that was based...

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300 Chicken Recipes

Thumbnail 300 Chicken Recipes

300 Mouthwatering Chicken Recipes, Sure to please your tastebuds! Chicken is one of America's favorite foods and many different dishes can be created with Chicken! With...

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150 Delicious Venison Recipes

Thumbnail 150 Delicious Venison Recipes

If you are a deer hunter, then chances are you are a venison lover. If that is the case, this is the book you need, with...

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Mouth-watering Apple Recipes - With Resell Rights

Thumbnail Mouth-Watering Apple Recipes - With Resell Rights

Mouth-Watering Apple Recipes The ultimate cookbook for America's Most popular fruit 85+ Delicious Apple Recipes Contents APPLE CRISP RECIPE APPLE CAKE APPLE SAUCE CAKE APPLE CHARLOTTE APPLE COMP......

8.50 USD

Coffee Lovers Recipes - Mrr

Thumbnail Coffee Lovers Recipes - Mrr

89 ORIGINAL RECIPES FOR COFFEE LOVERS This superb ebook has an amazing 89 recipes for coffee and is available in both Adobe PDF and Windows .exe versions so...

4.99 USD

Delicious Candy Recipes - With Resale Rights!

Thumbnail Delicious Candy Recipes - With Resale Rights!

334 Mouth Watering Candy Recipes Candy is the ultimate indulgence and Delicious Candy Recipes is the ultimate candy cookbook. Delicious Candy Recipes delivers more than 300 of...

8.75 USD

Summer Party Cookbook

Thumbnail Summer Party Cookbook

The warm days of summer are perfect for celebrating with a party. Let's eat! Want to throw a summer party that creates just the right fun...

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Smoothies For Athletes

Thumbnail Smoothies For Athletes

Smoothies For Athletes - With Master Resale Rights! 130 Quick and Easy Smoothie Recipes That Give You More Energy and Stamina!" Just whip up one of these...

4.99 USD

Chocolate Recipes For Chocolate Lovers

Thumbnail Chocolate Recipes For Chocolate Lovers

Chocolate is the ultimate indulgence and Chocolate Recipes For Chocolate Lovers is the ultimate chocolate cookbook. Chocolate Recipes For Chocolate Lovers delivers more than 600 of the...

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120 Lip-smacking Good Jam Recipes

Thumbnail 120 Lip-Smacking Good Jam Recipes

Make great tasting and inexpensive jams, easily, at home without the preservatives and chemicals you will find in the store-bought brands. 120 Lip-Smacking Good Jam Recipes...

4.99 USD

101 Recipes For The Deep Fryer

Thumbnail 101 Recipes For The Deep Fryer

Prepare yourself for the ultimate taste treat! Throw aside that diet book and join the hot craze that is deep-frying! 101 Recipes For The Deep Fryer will...

4.99 USD

Starbucks Recipes

Thumbnail Starbucks Recipes

Brew your own starbucks coffee for only $4.99. This 32 page ebook is filled with recipes including the famous frappicino and macchiato and even brownies. Just...

6.99 USD

4th Of July Recipes - Recipes With A Bang!

Thumbnail 4th of July Recipes - Recipes With A Bang!

"Impress your family and friends with your new-found 4th of July knowledge, Over 200 Lip-Smacking Independence Day Recipes!" With the 4th of July Recipes, you will find the...

5.99 USD

101 Camping & Outdoor Recipes

Thumbnail 101 Camping & Outdoor Recipes

It's a fact that food just tastes better outdoors. Now with 101 Camping & Outdoor Recipes, even campers who have never cooked anything more complicated than...

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1001 + Low Carb Diet Recipes

Thumbnail 1001 + Low Carb Diet Recipes

This Cookbook is for those of you living a low carb lifestyle and are seeking more variety Tired of eating bun less burgers, and cheese all...

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Cook Fish Like A Chef - With Plr!

Thumbnail Cook Fish Like A Chef  - With Plr!

Have you ever wanted to learn the right way to approach cooking fish? Do you avoid cooking fish simply because you do not know the right...

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Natural Herbal Cures & Remedies - Plr!

Thumbnail Natural Herbal Cures & Remedies - Plr!

"Discover the Natural Herbal Cures and Remedies Used to Treat Illness and Disease for Hundreds of Years... Remember Your Mother Telling You That "An Apple a...

5.80 USD

Take A Vacation To Disneyland!

Thumbnail Take a Vacation To Disneyland!

What to see and do at Disneyland! "What is the best time to visit Disneyland? What should we pack? What is the FASTPASS® and how to use...

21.00 USD

Jewish Cookery Exposed - Plr!

Thumbnail Jewish Cookery Exposed - Plr!

Discover the Secrets to Jewish Cookery! Now you can use a practical, step-by-step guide to achieve the Delicious dishes youve always dreamed of! --- 100 Percent Guaranteed ...

9.95 USD

Cooking Mastery Guide - Mrr

Thumbnail Cooking Mastery Guide - Mrr

Attention : Do You Panic Every Time You Realize You Need To Make Dinner Yet Again?! Discover How You Can Brush Up On Your Cooking Skills And...

6.99 USD

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